Leader tours for the leaders of the future

Leaders who aim for peak performance in unison

Leaders who dare challenge their own limits and seek insight into their own limitations are better change-agents and are capable of restraining their ego within the leader group. Leader tours with action and special experiences are aimed at leader groups who aim to achieve flow and peak performance within the leader group.

By moving the leader, you strengthen the entire organisation.

Leader tours for the leader group challenge the individual leader as well as the leader group both physically and mentally. The tour is aimed at leaders who themselves aim to achieve flow and performance, but are also aware that in order to be a skilled change-agent and positively contribute to the common goals of the leader group, takes great personal insight.

Leader tours are physical ordeals with trekking, diving, water skiing, or similar, combined with outstanding natural settings, cultural delights, good food, and wine. It is also a personal journey, affording insight into one’s own personality type, strengths, and limitations, as well as a greater understanding of the dynamics and relations within the leader group. Things you previously pondered in relation to your leader colleagues will be understood and Gordian knots will be unravelled.

In collaboration with Lars Egebjerg, who has more than 18 years of experience in one of the special forces units of the military, we challenge the leader to view himself from the outside in order to bring the leader group closer together when dealing with important decisions. We do this in unforgettable settings, assuring the shared experience will be special.

Tours tailored to the leader group

Preceding the course, a programme for the contents is tailored based on the strategy and objectives of the company as well as the every-day challenges of the leader group.

The challenges of the leader group and individual leader will be identified prior to the tour through personality type tests and interviews. These prior tests and interviews makes it possible to solely focus on strengthening the individual leader and the group during the tour. As a result, the aim of the tour is to afford a constructive and more efficient negotiation climate within the leader group, making future decision processes shorter and more efficient than they are at present.

Tour description:

  • A special experience with plenty of room for growth
  • Challenges the leader group’s ability to collaborate and make decisions
  • Challenging physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • Executive mentoring (1:1 and 1:2)
  • Reflection and feedback

Destinations: Scandinavia, Europe, and the US.

Duration: 3-7 days.

In addition to compulsory liability insurance, a special contract is prepared, concerning the coverage of the participants during the exercises.