Personal sales with the Enneagram

Strengthen your empathy – understand your customers – increase your sales

If you want your to succeed with your sales, it requires you have the ability to put yourselves in their shoes. Applying the Enneagram gives you a tool to deal with and understand your customers. The course features a humorous pep-talk and 1:1 coaching in the field.

When you are in flow, you sell with ease on your relations and your humanity. But do you know your customers? Do you know what motivates them? Do you know when it is better to wait and come back another day? Do you differentiate between who to talk quickly to, and where an extra meeting with further documentation is needed? Who are extrovert or hesitant?

Pep-talk and 1:1

Receive a pep-talk and learn about the different personality types – how they interact, how to communicate optimally with exactly that person you are facing. In a humorous, and caricaturing manner, you will gain insight into the nine personality types of the Enneagram and what to look for in order to spot what to do to succeed.

Subsequently, we will meet your customers together. This is done through 1:1 coaching, consisting of preparations, customer meetings, and evaluation.

Sold 45 times the daily goal

A sales person from a larger Danish company sold 45 times more than the minimum goal on a coaching trip to three customers, where we employed the enneagram as a tool.

At the final meeting of the day, she chose to test the new tools. She abstained from overwhelming the customers as she usually did what with her extrovert and dominating behaviour. On the contrary, she allowed the customer time and quiet to ponder the possibilities, as she judged he would be scared away. It was exactly what was needed. The meeting took 45 minutes.