About Thomas Anglov

About Thomas Anglov

Our entire society is focused on efficiency and streamlining processes. We optimise production facilities, work processes, administrative processes, and supply chains. But one thing is often ignored: If you move people, you move the company.

In a sufficient number of years, I have witnessed skilful and well-functioning employees burn and crash because of stress. I have seen countless interpersonal confrontations, caused by a lack of energy, and because decisions are made on an irrational basis.

My primary task is to induce the courage in people to enter into the process of change, and achieve greater balance. I motivate and confront leaders, employees, teams, as well as the individual.

Coach of Personal Leadership

I am trainer, mentor, facilitator, and coach of personal leadership – and also trained therapist. I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry in my past, and a background as cand. pharm., researcher, leader, and consulting engineer. I have 20 years’ experience in the industry – of which 17 years was as programme manager, project manager, specialist, manager and coach in Novo Nordisk.

As support for my work, I am certified project manager,  certified Enneagram Master Coach, and EU certified in neuroscientific hypnosis (therapy). In addition to this is my great interest in how our human brain works – from the viewpoint of a chemist.

I see it as my primary task to make complex material easy to grasp – and in a humorous way.

A number of regular partners

I use a number of coaches and trainers certified as Ennegram Master Coaches. All my partners has extensive experience with leader development programmes. Meet them here.