Choose the right candidate

Which candidate do you select for the available position as leader?

Have you ever been in a position to choose between two equally qualified candidates for a leader position? Two candidates difficult to choose between? Get help to make a qualified decision.

In the short term, the difference is hidden from view. In the long term, the difference can be as large as flow or failure.

The candidates may have identical qualifications and skills – the same theoretical training, the same practical work experience, the same number of years working in the field, the same age, gender, or perhaps even, the same personality type, and whatever else is needed to occupy your vacant managerial position. Hence, who shall you choose?

Building on individual meetings with you and your two candidates, Thomas Anglov delivers a reasoned recommendation to make the best choice in relation to the role the candidate is to fulfil within your organisation and the leader team the candidate is to be part of.

  • Personality type test revealing:
    – The guiding motivational factor of the candidate
    – The level of insight
    – The level of balance
    – The underlying personality type guiding the candidate’s behaviour
  • Personal interview with the candidate, supporting the conclusion of the personality type test.