Change Agent

Change is the biggest headache in the organisation

Achieve synergy in the team – also during change. Change Agent is a three-day residential course consisting of three modules tailored to the employees. The course is based on teambuilding. The course is also offered to leaders.

Any leader knows the competitiveness of the organisation is dependent on continuous organisational development. As a result, many companies launch innumerable promising development projects.

But change is the biggest headache in the organisation. Frightening enough, only between 10 and 30 percent of the strategic development plans are successfully implemented.

In most cases, the cause of failure is inappropriate interpersonal dynamics preventing most initiatives for change to succeed. Often, the leader is the person pulling the brakes, without knowing it himself.

Employ the tools from day one

Change Agent picks up the gauntlet where the development projects are dropped. The focus of the programme is on continuous change as an organisational premise – and in particular, on the resistance to change.

Change Agent is especially focused on action learning and self-awareness through the Enneagram personality type theory. It is about understanding yourself and the members of your team, and putting this knowledge into practice in everyday life. Because, what motives one, might demotivate the other.

Change Agent focuses on:

  • Personality types and motivation
  • Communication and behaviour
  • LEAN
  • Personal goals
  • Leadership

Continuous monitoring and evaluation

Change Agent comprises three modules, each being a three-day residential course with 12-20 participants. All participants will go through preliminary interviews and personality type tests. The modules themselves may be taken individually.

  • Module 1: The modules makes you aware of your personal leadership and your willingness to change
  • Module 2 and 3: The effect of your new qualifications, competencies, and creativity are trained, anchored and ensured.

The goal of Change Agent is, through self-awareness and development, to make you and your leaders efficient change agents.

A third factor, known to affect the success rate of implemented development projects, is evaluation and persistence. Change Agent caters to this aspect.

The method of teaching is interactive, attentive, empathic, humorous, motivational, and confrontational – but always with the greatest respect of the individual.

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