LEAN Leader

Are you experiencing high performance – but low motivation?

Are your projects progressing too slowly, or are your initiatives for change unsuccessful, because a leader group or employee team is not functioning optimally? Do you suspect hidden, stressful behaviour, influencing the quality of work of the individual?

The hidden challenges of Danish companies, is affecting the bottom line to a very high degree and weakens the competitiveness. The reason is poorly functioning teams, or that the leader is not paying attention to his team or the leader group he or she belongs to.

Achieve high motivation, greater commitment, and peak performance, combined with work-life balance. LEAN Leader first moves the CEO and the leader group – then the leader and the employee group.

Move the leader – strengthen the entire organisation

Leadership is a discipline, which plays a central role in creating motivation and a good work environment in an organisation. It creates flow in the company, which positively affects both the users’ and customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Embrace change

LEAN Leader is aimed at companies looking to see the effects and results on the bottom line – created by happy and motivated leaders and employees. Your organisation will be able to embrace change instead of resisting them.

Tools are employed from day one

LEAN Leader is in many ways reminiscent of the mental training employed by elite athletes. The course is based on the personality type tool the Enneagram, and usually consist of ten trialed and tested steps, employing the tools in practice. The CEO or leader is given the opportunity to put the tools into practice with their team. This ensures rapid learning and increases  the effect.

LEAN Leader focuses on:

• Leading yourself and your team
• Personality types
• Motivation and work enjoyment
• Stress
• Being able to predict, and thereby avoiding, confrontation
• Values and self-awareness
• ’Code of conduct’
• Group dynamics
• Willingness to change
• Empathy
• Interpersonal  and misguided regards to others
• 360 degrees evaluation
• Feedback
• Reflection
• Work-life balance
• Roles and responsibility
• Individual and shared goals
• High-performance team

Read the brochure to learn more about the 10 steps of LEAN Leader