Effective meetings

Solve the problem before the conflict is unresolvable … or it takes too long

LEAN meetings is about submitting efficient meetings and ensure a constructive negotiation environment.  It can also include facilitation of meetings, where projects are evaluated and closed: Where leaders and participants of the project discuss what went well, and what can be improved the next time.

Is the decision-making process irrational, is there a lack of trust in the team, or are there too many egos in the same room? As an external consultant, Thomas Anglov will facilitate your meeting processes in a way which makes the path to a decision shorter. Expressions of opinions and discussions will take place in a constructive environment. The same is the case with decisions concerning time, economy, and quality. When decisions are rational, they are naturally more likely to be completed on the agreed terms.

Addressing internal misunderstandings

As an independent consultant, Thomas Anglov helps by clearing interpersonal dysfunctions and create a greater understanding and collaboration within your team of leaders. An external facilitator brings new dynamics to the team. You will achieve a greater degree of synergy, and an internal awareness of the different potentials of the group.

As a facilitator, Thomas Anglov will take charge as needed and facilitate the meeting. To some, the process can seem provocative, to others liberating. Both play a significant part ensuring an effective learning process. Thomas Anglov’s participation in your meetings varies according to your needs.

Test your trust

Are you considering an external facilitator, then begin by testing how much you trust one another in the leader group on a scale from 1 to 10.  Consider also how much each of you trust the group, in case you are absent yourself, and the group as a whole has to make an important decision in your area of expertise. Do you trust the others to make the “right” decision – even if we are talking about seven figures? The exercise is an eye-opener.

LEAN Meetings can be applied to:

  • Leader groups
  • Project groups
  • Boards of directors
  • Steering committees
  • Owner circles
  • Department meetings
  • Innovation meetings
  • Sales meetings

LEAN Meetings may be facilitation of a single meeting or a series of meetings.