Leader development on-site

Strengthen the leadership, while your leaders handle the daily tasks

On-site leader development is aimed at the company, which understands that the leader is best trained on the job. LEAN your problem-solving, time, and collaboration, and avoid spending time on external leader development courses.

Achieve the goals of the company without devoting extra time to develop the leaders and the leader team. Focus on the specific needs and tasks of the organisation with strong leaders willing to change.

By developing your leaders through an in-house leader development course, an optimum context for learning is achieved.

With whip and trainer  Thomas Anglov on the side line, existing projects is used to create a blazing platform, challenging and developing your leaders in practice.

On-site training is primarily focused on task-solving, successful communication, and good relations. The method is particularly great at revealing procrastination. As a consequence, much more is at stake to leaders who make an extra effort to finish on time.

 Results throughout the organisation

Quantitative studies shows that teams, business units, and companies utilising the personality type test tool the Enneagram on a dedicated, daily basis, achieve significantly greater satisfaction with regards to the work environment and in company surveys. The organisation achieves economic growth, while the leaders score higher on 360-degrees surveys, and are more easily promoted.

Mental training for leaders

The training is comparable to mental training for elite athletes, and focus on behaviour and attitude:

  • The leader is challenged on his personal leadership and organisational commitment
  • The leader is taught how to better implement deferred or politically delicate projects.
  • Inappropriate behaviour in stressful or pressured situations is revealed and challenged
  • Target management and implementation of project outcomes (quality, budget, schedule, and behaviour are the focus points)
  • Development of high-performance teams (group dynamics, trust, respect, commitment)
  • The degree of willingness to change, of both the leader and leader group, is challenged.

On-site training can be carried out in conjunction with e.g. a streamlining or a cost-cutting project, product development, or goal setting and strategy development of the leader group. All forms of collaborative projects of the leader group or in-line will be useable when the personal leadership is to be taught to one or several leaders.

Personal leadership and group dynamics

The course is particularly focused on training the personal leadership as well challenging the dynamics of the leader group. The leader development course is tailored on the basis of observations of the leader group, interviews, and personality type tests.

The course consists of:

  • Observations of the dynamics of the team, inappropriate behaviour, conflicts, pent-up frustrations, and more
  • Interview and personality type test
  • Facilitation of team
  • Executive mentorship (1:1 and 1:2)
  • Seminar and work shop
  • Lecture (theory)

Duration and intensity varies depending on the specific needs of the organisation and leader/s, which will be clarified during the first few meetings with observations, personality type tests, and interviews.