Interactive Enneagram

– interactive toolbox decoding motivation, strengths, and weaknesses of the individual, couples, and teams

The difference between success and failure is often a question of the precarious imbalances and nuances in the understanding of people. LEAN Leader Toolbox will show you which nuances are the deciding factor in succeeding or fail.

LEAN Leader Toolbox is an interactive toolbox developed for the concept LEAN Leader, but is also utilised in connection with the other products from Thomas Anglov, including the Change Agent School, 1:1 meetings with professional tutoring, guidance, and coaching

LEAN Leader Toolbox is primarily the toolbox of the leader. On the basis of the leader’s own personality type test and equivalent personality type tests administered to the employees, LEAN Leader Toolbox offers constructive guidance, strengthening the personal leadership of the leader, as well as affording important information contributing to the employees developing towards a high-performance team.

Useful tool in day-to-day leadership

The toolbox is a particularly useful tool in day-to-day leadership, and affords the leader essential knowledge regarding motivation and demotivation, as well as personal strengths and weaknesses. Partly in relation to the leader himself, partly in relation to his employees. If this new knowledge is implement both by the leader and the leader’s team, they can in unison reach very ambitious goals.

LEAN Leader Toolbox is also useful for employees with an interest in uncovering hidden potential within themselves, withing colleagues in their team, or, within their leader.

The system contains tools and opportunities to:

√  Personality type test for both leader and employee
√  Evaluation of leader and employee (Motivation/demotivation, strenghts/weaknesses)
√  Evaluation of partners (Strengths/weaknesses, synergy/stress factors)
√  Evaluation of team and leader group (Strengths/weaknesses, synergy/stress factors)
√  Evaluation of roles (Composition of group/identification of stress factors)
√  Uncovering hidden potentials of the department/organisation

Purchase access to LEAN Leader Toolbox

Access to LEAN Leader Toolbox requires a personal login and password.

LEAN Leader Toolbox is typically an added purchase for the concept of LEAN Leader, Change Agent, or can be purchased as part of a leader’s ongoing training.

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