Are you off your rocker – or is it just all the others

“Are you off your rocker – or is it just all the others” is a humorous and inspirational talk on how we as a type alters our behaviour on good and bad days. The talk employs caricatures and funny stories to show very explicitly how we change – even without being able to see it ourselves. Duration: 60-90 minutes

Realise what others actually hear when you speak. When you realise why – you will realise what is needed to lift a team into a high-performance team.

Using examples and stories from a very ordinary day, as is known to everyone, you will be presented with a range of scenarios and paradoxes concerning the human psyche, habits, thoughts, emotions, and patterns of behaviour.  The review of the different layers of personal development employs the motivational psychological system, the Enneagram.

Be wary of your limitations

The talk makes you aware of your own limitations and the challenges you face, what to be wary of in order to avoid a “bad day”, as well as what you need to do to experience more of the “good days”. You will even learn to understand and recognise the behaviour of others – and recognise clearly, when they make themselves have a “bad day”.  It is actually very easy to spot, but at the same time difficult to talk about in everyday life. You may think that others are off their rockers, but …

 You will laugh at yourself while Thomas Anglov brings everyday scenarios to a head, how much we are controlled and guided by the multiple choices we make throughout the day. You will discover how your behaviour might be a hindrance to yourself and others.