Team building for your employees

Action and a high spirits – it knits people together

Provide your employees with a fresh mental break and perhaps much needed relief from an academic seminar. Discover different and action-packed outdoor experiences with everyone in the team. We know by experience that team building knits the team closer around good moments and makes conversation easier.

Who builds the fastest and most durable rice boat? Which team collaborates the best and as a result win the challenge of a match race?

The team needs both the extrovert frontline fighter for swift decision-making and the thoughtful who is able to solve complex problems, in order to overcome the challenges of our team-building course.

Action for everyone

We guarantee extraordinary experiences when, among others, special trainer in conflict resolution, pressured and stressful situation in the military Lars Christophersen cranks up the action and challenges. Challenges which certainly not only affects the elite athlete, but where the individual is challenged on his or her own competencies.

It is about a sense of community, respect for colleagues, new positive energy, daring to show new sides of themselves and see new sides of others, and having something new and different to talk about.

We have developed team-building courses with more than 50 entertaining games and exercises on land, at see, and in the air: Demanding games and tasks, orienteering, mountain biking, dancing, canoeing, match racing, climbing, and more.

Team building with personal growth

We differentiate between entertaining and action packed experiences as relief from an academic seminar, and the mentally challenging course benefitting collaboration within the team.

We aim to move people. As a consequence, our course is tailored to your team goals and to the composition of the team, so that the challenges match the team.

All our exercises have successfully been tried and tested and are also being put to use in the overall context of our Change-Agent school.

Model A: Relief from an academic seminar (entertaining team building)

  • An action packed and entertaining experience, where all the competencies of the team comes into play
  • The course is tailored to the wants and needs of the company.

The course is easily integrated into an academic seminar. Duration: ½ – 1/1 day.

Model B: Team building affecting everyday job life (mentally challenging)

  • The exercises are easily transferable to everyday job life in the form of a better understanding of the actions of one’s colleagues and therefore better relations in-between the employees.
  • Team is composed by how the team is to be challenged
  • Reflection and feedback.

The team building can be combined with – or be part of – a LEAN Leader team development course or the Change-Agent school.