Leaders in the crossfire

Avoid conflicts – succeed together

The differences between two leaders can be decisive in whether the leader team is able to meet ambitious goals. Resolve backbreaking disputes and prevail in unison.

Unresolved conflicts, pent-up frustrations, endless discussions, indecision, misguided respect, and recurring annoyances towards a leader, leader colleague, or the CEO, delays your decision-making. If two leaders in the leader team find it more or less challenging to deal with one another, the leader team as a whole will not able to reach any ambitious goals – apart from a few individual victories.

“Leaders in the crossfire” is executive mentoring of two leaders. Trainer of personal leadership, Thomas Anglov, facilitates a safe environment and a laid-back atmosphere for the leaders to form a constructive dialogue.

From crossfire to insight

Thomas Anglov specialises in how our behaviour affects others. He has mastered the art of getting two leaders to realise why they clash violently, and what they themselves can do going forward in order to create synergy and make use of the resources of one another – as opposed to draining one another.

A personality type test maps the areas where the leaders may have inappropriate behaviour, as well as areas of potential conflicts. Adding to this, the leaders will be given practical tools to help one another in every-day job life, mitigating escalation of a situation, resolving and transforming it into something constructive. The course offers revelations and new insights to both parties – in particular in areas were the self-image of a leader is not entirely in line with the impression of the other leader.

The course itself

Executive coaching can be a single course of two hours, a day, or more.

  • Personality type test (The Enneagram)
  • Two leaders in crossfire (facilitation)
  • Presentation of individual frustrations
  • Theory, reflection, feedback, “360 degrees”, and practical tools
  • Code of conduct
  • Plan of action
  • Follow-up and evaluation

Thomas Anglov is unambiguous in his approach and challenges people to the limit, always making sure the individual leader is not befuddled when the conversation hits a little close to home. All conversations are constructive with the simple goal of transforming mistrust to trust, and thereby re-establishing mutual respect.

It is also possible to use executive conflict resolution pre-emptively in conjunction with a reorganisation of the business or an imminent merger, thereby mitigating the effect of potential conflicts. The conflict resolution course is also useful in conjunction with a difficult conversation between leader and employee.