“We now spend our energy solving tasks rather than wasting energy on internal issues. Obviously, it is a continuous process, but Thomas Anglov has afforded us the tools and knowledge to keep up the momentum. Already, we have achieved results and have avoided conflicts, which were almost unavoidable before.”

Klavs Berthelsen, manager, Dansk Beredskabskommunikation, Motorola


“Change Agent is recommendable to anyone with the desire and courage to dive into themselves. Today, the experience is a daily tool to keep me focused on just about anything I do.”

Michael Mikkelsen, department manager, Lokalenergi


“Prickly, provocative, and stimulating. In short, that is the gut sensation after the development course with Thomas Anglov. You will discover for yourself which areas of development you posses yourself – and will become wiser concerning your colleagues. If you dare!”

Christina Monrad Andersen, Senior Consultant, Energy- og Miljørådgivning, Lokalenergi


“It has been a pleasure working with Thomas Anglov, who has been very receptive to our needs, offered constructive solutions, and has been accommodating towards the more sensitive people in our employee group.”

Lars Bau Andersen, Director of Engineering, Leo Pharma A/S


“It is now clear to me, that different people experience differently, even if they may have the same starting point. That is a knowledge which helps me in my daily work with colleagues and customers. The course held for us by Thomas Anglov, distinguishes itself by not being a survivalist-sort of course, but instead contains a nice variety of theory and exercises, and – not least – the time for reflection”

Jesper Thorlund Jensen, Project Manager, Picca


“Being the type afraid of making the wrong decision, the result of personal as well as career coaching has been instrumental in making me act and achieve goals, which for several reasons were difficult for me to make happen. Thank you for the heartily push.”

Winnie Barret, Project Manager, Novo Nordisk


“Change Agent is well-prepared, with the utmost competent instructors, having the ability to modify and adapt the course on the run, so that you as a participant reap maximum benefits.”

Henrik Chr. Grosen, Project Manager, Picca Automation


“I am very enthusiastic about the way Thomas teaches. Thomas has deep paedagogical understanding of how his students learn, and manages to provoke and be sympathetic simultaneously.”

Ole Wandall-Frostholm, Energy Consultant, Lokalenergi


“I had my patterns of thought rearranged, in a pleasant, developing manner.”

Anni Hoffmann, LEAN and Administrative Consultant, Lokalenergi